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September 2020

BJLFP – Roma Est

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The amazing debut of Bobby Joe Long’s Friendship Party: the double LP “Roma Est” (black vinyl) springs from the roots of the Oscura Combo Romana and leades us across the streets of the east side of Rome, in an un certain equilibrium. This recod shouldn’t be missed by anyone who is interested in Italian independent music, of which this is one of the most amazing products.

BJLFP – Antico Punk Inglese E Lesa Maestà

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Bobby Joe Long’s Friendship Party’s new mini-LP is availble here as a preorder.

After Valerio Desirò’s video (here), the last piece composed with the unforgettableAbacab Carcosa sees the light along with two unpublished tracks, Cieli Tersi a Sampolicarpo and Buio & Nodisco. The mysterious Dramasynthcoattowave aka Oscura Combo Romana (OCR) from Roma Est offers a song with a devastating bass line, an explosive guitar, and unstoppable drums in support of the new poetry by Henry Bowers.