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Pankow – Der Doctor Schnabel Von Rom
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The new album by Pankow is available here as pre-order. In the introduction, they state: “This new record screams loudly about fires, climate change, new and old plagues, death, living in the moment, owning our responsibilities as contemporary humans… We are citizens of the world, we want to engage globally, our tribe is humanity in…

BJLFP – Antico Punk Inglese E Lesa Maestà
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Bobby Joe Long’s Friendship Party’s new mini-LP is availble here as a preorder. After Valerio Desirò’s video (here), the last piece composed with the unforgettableAbacab Carcosa sees the light along with two unpublished tracks, Cieli Tersi a Sampolicarpo and Buio & Nodisco. The mysterious Dramasynthcoattowave aka Oscura Combo Romana (OCR) from Roma Est offers a song with a…

Edda e Marok feat. Flavio Ferri – “Maranza tuttobene remix”
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The remix by Flavio Ferri (Delta V) of the track “Maranza” included in the album “Noio; volevam suonar.” by Edda and Marok is available in pre-order. The physical copies on vinyl contain four tracks and will ship after August 28th, 2000. The record contains the original version of “Maranza”, the remix by Flavio Ferri (full…

Edda e Marok – “Noio; volevam suonar.”
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The free download of the incredible gift-album made by Marok and Edda is available. The pre-order campaign is finished and the orders are 1.500 and counting. Now anyone can access the files by digital download. Click here, then click on the DOWNLOAD button at the bottom of the page that will open. Leave name, surname…



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