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La Grazia Obliqua – Canzoni Per Tramonti E Albe – Al Crepuscolo Dell’Occidente

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A symbolic release for La Grazia Obliqua, a band deeply rooted in the dark-wave humus of the Eternal City. “Canzoni Per Tramonti e Albe – Al Crepuscolo Dell’Occidente” is a descent into crisis seen as decadence, loss of reference and collapse of values. Disgregation and loss, but also a chance to be born again, because a new dawn follows every dusk.

BJLFP – Roma Est

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The amazing debut of Bobby Joe Long’s Friendship Party: the double LP “Roma Est” (black vinyl) springs from the roots of the Oscura Combo Romana and leades us across the streets of the east side of Rome, in an un certain equilibrium. This recod shouldn’t be missed by anyone who is interested in Italian independent music, of which this is one of the most amazing products.

BJLFP – Antico Punk Inglese E Lesa Maestà

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Bobby Joe Long’s Friendship Party’s new mini-LP is availble here as a preorder.

After Valerio Desirò’s video (here), the last piece composed with the unforgettableAbacab Carcosa sees the light along with two unpublished tracks, Cieli Tersi a Sampolicarpo and Buio & Nodisco. The mysterious Dramasynthcoattowave aka Oscura Combo Romana (OCR) from Roma Est offers a song with a devastating bass line, an explosive guitar, and unstoppable drums in support of the new poetry by Henry Bowers.

Edda e Marok feat. Flavio Ferri – “Maranza tuttobene remix”

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The remix by Flavio Ferri (Delta V) of the track “Maranza” included in the album “Noio; volevam suonar.” by Edda and Marok is available in pre-order. The physical copies on vinyl contain four tracks and will ship after August 28th, 2000.

The record contains the original version of “Maranza”, the remix by Flavio Ferri (full length and radio edit) and the instrumental version. You may order it directly here.

Edda e Marok – “Noio; volevam suonar.”

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The free download of the incredible gift-album made by Marok and Edda is available.
The pre-order campaign is finished and the orders are 1.500 and counting. Now anyone can access the files by digital download.

Click here, then click on the DOWNLOAD button at the bottom of the page that will open. Leave name, surname and email address and accept the conditions – the download will start automatically.
The file in .zip format and will have to be decompressed.

Happy listening to all!

Edda e Marok – “Servi dei servi”

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Single from “Noio: volevam suonar.”

“Servi dei servi” is the first single from the gift-album by Edda and Marok “Noio; volevam suonar.” The song will be released on May 21st, 2020, on Spotify and all streaming platforms, and it will be available as a free download on this website.

About the song, Edda claims he has understood the lyrics only after writing it, and that it is about “the story of a terrorist having trouble with his wife”. Being used to the irreverent style of the artist, this comes as no surprise. The video was made by Michele Bernardi in collaboration with Lourdes Cabrera.
This is indeed a very good preview of the album which will be made available on June 30th and that can be pre-ordered until June 15th. The only cost is €9 for shipment and delivery (via courier). To place your pre-order, you only need to write to and make a PayPal payment to the same account.

Participants in the project:

  • Contempo Records
  • Lorenzo “Moka” Tommasini (Macinarino Recording Studio) – mix/mastering
  • Marco Olivotto (moonmusic) – artwork/communication
  • Luca Bernini – organization/management
  • Phonopress International (Settala (MI)) – vinyl
  • Tipografia Martinelli (Vallina (FI)) – graphics
  • Michele Bernardi, Lourdes Cabrera – video
  • Alessandro Gambino (GDG Press) – press office
  • Flavio Ferri (Delta V) – guest

Semo Solo Scemi – Classic Rock review June 2019

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The June issue of Classic Rock contains a clean review of “Semo Solo Scemi”, the album by Bobby Joe Long’s Friendship Party, previously known as Oscura Combo Romana.

Paolo Di Orazio also made a short but interesting interview to the band leader Henry Bowers.

New releases on Contempo Records – September 2018

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Contempo Records is proud to announce two new releases for the incoming season: two important and long-awaited repress.

Both releases will be presented by the artists in our record store in Firenze, more updates on our social pages close to the events.

Perigeo – Live In Italy 1976 (half September)
Recorded live in Pescara in August 1976 and originally released by Contempo Records in 1990, it testifies the live impact of one of the most important act of Italian Prog acts. A true gem for old and (always more) fans of a genre and a period of italian music, as glowing as internationally  recognised.
Reissued on double LP with gatefold sleeve.

Diaframma/Litfiba – Amsterdam (end of September)
3-tracks EP: Amsterdam / Elena / Ultimo Boulevard, recorded in Florence and released by IRA Records in 1985.
The title-track is a collaboration between two of the most representative bands of a unique florentine scene, showing its newness today more than ever.
On side B two tracks by Federico Fiumani / Diaframma
Another small but shiny piece in the Italian New Wave discography, finally available on vinyl to the public.
Three editions, all limited to 500 copies: clear, red and blue vinyl. 

Billboard Mag – September 2018 – Talk with Marco Barlotti [Contempo Records]

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Billboard Italia, September 2018 issue: Tommaso Toma talks with Marco Barlotti (Contempo Records) in the “From The Desk Of” section.