La Grazia Obliqua – Canzoni Per Tramonti E Albe – Al Crepuscolo Dell’Occidente

1 - Author: La Grazia Obliqua
2 - Title: Canzoni Per Tramonti E Albe – Al Crepuscolo Dell'Occidente
3 - Label: Contempo Records
4 - Format: CD
5 - Country: Italy
6 - Year: 2020
7 - Genre: Electronic New Wave Rock
8 - Style: Italian New Wave Post Punk Neo Folk
9a - Media Condition: Sealed
9b - Cover Condition: Sealed


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La Grazia Obliqua escapes any rigid definition of musical genre. The band is deeply rooted in the dark-wave humus of the Eternal City and has built a loyal string of followers through live gigs of great emotional impact. The music oscillates between different influences, but the final result is a unique blend which focuses on the sound and imagery which soon became the trademark of this band. “Canzoni Per Tramonti E Albe – Al Crepuscolo Dell’Occidente” is a descent into crisis seen as decadence, loss of reference and collapse of values, but not on a social and political level: the attention remains on humanity. Disgregation and loss, but also a chance to be born again, because a new dawn follows after each dusk.
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