Marok e Edda – Noio; volevam suonar. – LP/CD

1 - Author: Antonio Aiazzi Gianni Maroccolo
2 - Title: Mephisto Ballad
3 - Label: Contempo Records
4 - Format: LP / CD
5 - Country: Italy
6 - Year: 2021
7 - Genre: Contemporary Electronic
8 - Style: Experimental
9a - Media Condition: Sealed
9b - Cover Condition: Sealed
Note:LP sleeve w/ lyrics insert


SKU: MEPHISTO01 Tags: , , , , , :   LP sleeve w/ lyrics insert

“Noio; volevam suonar.” is a gift-album. A gift from Edda and Marok to themselves and anyone who will want to grab it. It was made available on June 30th 2020 on LP, CD and digital, after it had been possible to pre-order a copy until June 15th, shipment excluded. Why? – someone may ask.

The reason was the wish to do something during the lockdown caused by Coronavirus, not necessarily appearing in streaming live concerts from home. Something which would remain as a sign of will and craftmanship. So, “Noio”, as we love to call it, was born.