Life In The Woods – Blue

1 - Author: Life In The Woods
3 - Label: Contempo Records
4 - Format: 12" EP
5 - Country: Italy
6 - Year: 2019
7 - Genre: Rock
8 - Style: Classic Rock
9a - Media Condition: Mint
9b - Cover Condition: Mint
Note:140 gr. HQ vinyl / Black inner sleeve


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Life In The Woods rhymes with Power Trio: these lads from Rome are one of the most interesting bands in contemporary Italian rock music.
In the imminence of their debut album, produced by Gianni Maroccolo, Contempo Records releases the Blue EP which contains five tracks.
So far, we’ve only listened to the single Nothing Is (Contempo, July 2019), and seen the video directed by Chris T. Their sound reminds us of the great bands of classic rock of the 70s, but comparisons are an understatement.

Life In The Woods, now 21-years-old, get together at the beginning of 2017, and soon record a demo which gets attention from Maurizio Becker. The idea to get Gianni Maroccolo involved is his own. The band thus gets signed to Contempo Records, the historic label based in Florence, a trademark for brave and high-quality productions.

The sound of Life In The Woods is electric and powerful. Guitarist and singer Logan Ross writes non-trivial songs, which highlight a unique and touching instrumental sensibility. Behind him, the rhythm section formed by Tomasch Lesny (drums) and Frank Lucchetti (bass) builds the most solid foundation for their personal and enfolding sound.

The introspective lyrics to the songs probe human weakness, and are supported by broken melodies which penetrate the electric wall raised by an uncommon guitar talent. The voice easily extends over three octaves and moves seamlessly from a warm and intimate tone to a tearing
After winning over the audience in Florence at La notte di Contempo (early 2019) and in Villa Ada in Rome (opening for Rival Sons, July 2019), Life In The Woods are warming up to face their first national tour: they will be the opening act in several autumn gigs of Italian independent legends Marlene Kuntz.
Five gems find their place in Blue: Manifesto, an electric delirium often winking at psychedelia; the amazing Hey Blue, sung by Logan with an ukulele alone, which reminds of the best English folk; the rough and bluesy Nothing Is, chosen as their first single; The Ballad Of No One, which would work well as exit music for a Herzog movie. Finally, the spirited cover of Man Of Constant Sorrow: a 100-years-old classic, which even The Rolling Stones quoted in their most emotional album.
Life In The Woods’ name pays a tribute to US philosopher and writer Henry David Thoreau, known to the general public from the movie Dead Poets Society. Like him, they look for an answer to the existential angst caused by the mercification of social relationships. Their music sucks the self-same marrow of life which nurtured the Dead Poets. Blue is the proof that the poets and notes are not dead at all: as long as there’s a breath in music, Life In The Woods will make it their own.
Blue’s release dates will be as follows:
• 05/10/2019: exclusive preview for the participants at Contempo Release Party (Florence)
• 06/10/2019: presentation at Riverside – Food Sounds Good (Rome)
• 10/10/2019: Contempo mail order and merchandising at the gigs with Marlene Kuntz
• 31/10/2019: all record stores, online stores amd digital platforms (download/streaming)

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