Edda e Marok feat. Flavio Ferri – Maranza Tuttobene Remix

1 - Author: Edda e Marok
2 - Title: Maranza Tuttobene Remix
3 - Label: Contempo Records
4 - Format: 12" EP
5 - Country: Italy
6 - Year: 2020
7 - Genre: Electronic Experimental Pop
8 - Style: Alternative Rock
9a - Media Condition: Sealed
9b - Cover Condition: Sealed
Note:Discomix sleeve


SKU: C01718EPL Tags: , , , , , :   Discomix sleeve

Remix of the “Maranza” track contained in the gift-album by Edda and Marok “Noio; volevam suonar.”, released on June 30th 2020.

The lucky idea of producing a gift-album during the lockdown caused by Coronavirus ended up involving quite a few people, and generated this vinyl edition titled “Maranza Tuttobene Remix”. “Maranza” was remixed by Flavio Ferri, one of two musical minds behind Delta V.

The record contains four tracks: the original version of “Maranza”, the remix by Flavio Ferri (full and radio-edit versions) and the instrumental version. The mastering was performed by Lorenzo Moka Tommasini. The artwork (by Marco Olivotto for moonmusic) is a fond hommage to Kraftwerk and Florian Schneider in particular.
The remix adds Ferri’s electronic magic to one of the most significant tracks of the album, and proves that quality music doesn’t need to be heady and difficult.

Warning: Shipment will start on August 28th, 2020.