Diaframma / Litfiba – Amsterdam

1 - Author: Diaframma Litfiba
3 - Label: Contempo Records
7 - Genre: New Wave Rock


Originally released in 1985 by IRA Records and never reissued on vinyl since then, it’s now finally available on Contempo Records the EP signed by two of the most important band of Florentine New Wave,

On side A Amsterdam, whose original version was present on Diaframma’s album Siberia, is here performed by Diaframma e Litfiba, both bands with all members.

On side B two unreleased tracks, Elena and Ultimo Blvd (later included in Siberia CD reissue) performed by Diaframma only.

This 12” is released in a limited edition of 500 copies on red vinyl, 500 copies on clear blue vinyl, 500 copies on clear vinyl just as the original release.