Diaframma – Anni Luce

1 - Author: Diaframma
3 - Label: Contempo Records
7 - Genre: New Wave Rock


Contempo is proud to announce the reissue of the 3 Diaframma's albums of the 90s originally released on Abraxas label.
All three titles are released on LP, CD and Cassette.
Along with a standard black vinyl press there will also be a limited edition of 250 numbered copies on clear vinyl, presented November 6, 2016 during an “in store” together with Diaframma's leader, Federico Fiumani.
Limited edition of 100 copies on Cassette.

“Anni Luce” was released in 1992 and is still considered one of Federico Fiumani's best work. Despite more than two decades it still sounds great, alternating quiet passages such as “La mia vita con una dea” and impetuous tracks as “Le Alpi” or “La densità della nebbia”.
As usual, lyrics would deserve the poetry status, L’odore delle rose” above all.
An impossible-to-miss album, finally available again for Diaframma old and new fans.