Bobby Joe Long’s Friendship Party – Bundytismo

1 - Author: Bobby Joe Long's Friendship Party
3 - Label: Self-released
7 - Genre: Electronic New Wave Rock


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From New Wave to Coatto-Wave (“coatto” is Roma slang for boor).
A dramasynthcoatto thing, as read on CD liner notes.
Bobby Joe Long’s Friendship Party (Oscura Combo Romana as their alter-ego) come from Roma, from the suburban Roma Est.
You can get it from Henry Bowers’ (the frontman) declamatory slang, from the slantwise themes crossing from chronicle to love (for the Roma FC as well for the carbonara pasta), absurdism and that underground’s untarnished mix of glamour and self-irony.
A dry, sharp, disrespectful and contemporary vision of New Wave as eternal matrix of dispossession and weaving of the present age.

From Joy Division to Underworld, stepping by OfflagaDiscoPax (scratching their car with a screwdriver).
Self-released CD edition, soon available on vinyl and CD on Contempo Records.

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