Edda e Marok – “Servi dei servi”

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Single from “Noio: volevam suonar.”

“Servi dei servi” is the first single from the gift-album by Edda and Marok “Noio; volevam suonar.” The song will be released on May 21st, 2020, on Spotify and all streaming platforms, and it will be available as a free download on this website.

About the song, Edda claims he has understood the lyrics only after writing it, and that it is about “the story of a terrorist having trouble with his wife”. Being used to the irreverent style of the artist, this comes as no surprise. The video was made by Michele Bernardi in collaboration with Lourdes Cabrera.
This is indeed a very good preview of the album which will be made available on June 30th and that can be pre-ordered until June 15th. The only cost is €9 for shipment and delivery (via courier). To place your pre-order, you only need to write to mailorder@contemporecords.it and make a PayPal payment to the same account.

Participants in the project:

  • Contempo Records
  • Lorenzo “Moka” Tommasini (Macinarino Recording Studio) – mix/mastering
  • Marco Olivotto (moonmusic) – artwork/communication
  • Luca Bernini – organization/management
  • Phonopress International (Settala (MI)) – vinyl
  • Tipografia Martinelli (Vallina (FI)) – graphics
  • Michele Bernardi, Lourdes Cabrera – video
  • Alessandro Gambino (GDG Press) – press office
  • Flavio Ferri (Delta V) – guest