Patty Waters Tribute pre-order

Patty Waters Tribute pre-order

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Patty Waters Sings, originally released by ESP Disk in 1966, revealed to the world the talent of the Iowa’ singer, capable of interpreting free jazz with vocalizations that anticipated of almost 15 years the sound experiments of artists such as Diamanda Galas.

January 2020. A tribute to this immense artist done by Angela Baraldi, Lydia Lunch and Gianni Maroccolo (in strict alphabetical order) will be released on Lp / Cd / Digital formats on Contempo Records.

Lydia makes an amazing cover of the classic Patty’ version of the song “Black Is The Color Of My True Love’s Hair“, a milestone of vocal free jazz, 15 minutes of sonic delirium, while Angela interprets an “expanded version” (almost 14 minutes) of “Moon, Don’t Come Up Tonight”. Both songs reworked and played by Gianni Maroccolo, who in addition to the music will take care of the artistic production of the project.

Late October 2019. A limited edition vinyl only release will be released. 99 copies handnumbered with exclusive artwork made by Claudio Capecchi, author of the “Nulla E ‘Andato Perso” artwork. This edition, available only through the Contempo mailorder and not distributed in stores, will have a bonus 7″ with a cover version of “Why Can’t I Come To You” sung together by Lydia and Angela, with melodic line rewritten by Lydia Lunch and re-arranged music played and produced by Gianni Maroccolo.
The track will NOT be included in the “regular” version of the album, nor will be distributed in digital format. It will remain exclusive for those who’ll purchase the limited edition.

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